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Tina Louise Borg

The inspiration behind the race.

Winship Cancer Institute was chosen for a number of reasons. First off, since it is Georgia’s only NCI center, it’s important to the Borg Family that we help our state. Second, and most importantly, it was chosen because that is where Tina Borg had received her treatment. On the outside, Tina may have seemed like the average wife, sister, and mother, although she wasn’t; Tina was fighting stage 4 cancer. For any other healthcare facility, they would have deemed her diagnosis to be an almost immediate death sentence, giving her only 7-9 months to live. At Winship, they worked with her and were able to extend her life another beautiful 3 years, until her recent passing in October of 2012. They provided her with exceptional care, encouragement, and motivation to go out and live her life. With that being said, Tina was able to live her life to the fullest by going to the Grammy’s and even zip-lining 82 stories up in the air in Puerto Rico. So in short, the Borg Family wants to be able to give back and support Winship like they supported Mrs. Tina Borg. The funds raised at this 5K will go directly to the research of all types of cancer at Winship Cancer Institute to help other families like they have helped ours.

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